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Steve's Books

Lou was a dog in a million; in 2010 you will read why. From catching sex predators and outdueling armed robbers to teaching sign language and saving hundreds of dogs from certain death, Lou was truly a modern-day Rin Tin Tin. Watch for the release of LAST DOG ON THE HILL in the Spring of 2010, from St. Martin's Press.

You can also visit the Facebook page for LAST DOG ON THE HILL simply by clicking on the photos or links to the left. There, take your time and read through the chapter excerpts, and take a look at the available photos. And then please join the group, to get firsthand updates and latest news on the upcoming release of the book.

In this practical, straightforward training book you will learn the steps required to eliminate the aggressive attitude of your dog. No matter what kind of dog you have, the real life examples and simple, nonconfrontational exercises in Leader of the Pack will help both of you live happily ever after.

Current Titles by Steve Duno

Steve Duno's "Be the Dog" (Sterling 2008)presents a revolutionary approach to dog training based on observing what “natural” dog owners do instinctively— that is, they intuitively understand the canine mind and relate to a dog by thinking like a dog. Instead of trying to make your pooch into a proxy person, just turn yourself into a proxy dog!