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About Steve Duno

Veteran pet behaviorist/author Steve Duno has to date authored eighteen books and scores of magazine and web articles. He has covered a wide variety of subject matter on both dogs and cats, including basic training, aggression, environmental enrichment, behavior modification, breed profiling, trick training, and pet health care. His career in dog training began in 1989 when he rescued Lou, a feral six month-old Rottweiler/shepherd. The offspring of guard dogs on a Mendocino marijuana grow, the sick and injured Lou was both smart and wild. In an effort to tame the intelligent pup, Duno inadvertantly began his twenty year career as a behaviorist and trainer. Together, Duno and Lou helped to save hundreds of dogs from euthanasia. Formerly a teacher in New York City and Los Angeles, he currently lives in Seattle with his family and an ever-changing assortment of rescued pets.

Here's a photo of Lou in 1991, when we had just relocated from Los Angeles to the Seattle area. He would soon win me a job that changed my life, and the lives of many. Lou's memoir, Last Dog On The Hill, will be out in the Spring of 2010; I hope you all get a chance to read about this heroic guy, a modern day Rin Tin Tin. Honestly, have you ever seen a more handsome dog?

Steve Duno and friend